Backup fails with an error message when trying to perform a backup

iBackup has problems backing up folders to iDisk if those folders’ icons have been customized.

BRIEF: It’s a problem caused by folders with customized icons.

DETAILED: Sometime ago, I customized the icons for the “Library” and “Documents” folders as I didn’t like the default ones – I took the icons from the wonderful World of Aqua set of icons. When you customize the icon of a folder, a zero-sized file named “Icon?” (or Icon^M when viewed from the command line) is created inside that folder.

It seems that iBackup doesn’t cope well with this kind of files, at least when backing up to the iDisk. When the folders being backed up have a customized icon (a file named Icon?), iBackup will complain with the following error message:

“/Users/falfaro//Icon” not found on iDisk. This file does not exist on the iDisk.

SOLUTION: Remove the offending “Icon?” file from the folder in question and then retry the operation.

4 thoughts on “Backup fails with an error message when trying to perform a backup

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