Relative Distinguised Name

From RFC2251, Section 4,6, “Modify Operation”:

The Modify Operation cannot be used to remove from an entry any of its distinguised values, those values which form the entry’s relative distinguised name. An attempt to do so will result in the server returning the error notAllowedOnRDN. The Modify DN Operation described in section 4.9 is used to rename an entry.

From RFC2253, Section 2,2, “Converting RelativeDistinguishedName”:

When converting from an ASN.1 RelativeDistinguishedName to a string, the output consists of the string encodings of each AttributeTypeAndValue (according to 2.3), in any order.

Where there is a multi-valued RDN, the outputs from adjoining AttributeTypeAndValues are separated by a plus (‘+’ ASCII 43) character.

4 thoughts on “Relative Distinguised Name

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