Google's AdSense

Recently, Google cancelled my AdSense account. The reasons they argue for doing so are that they have detected invalid clicks on my pages like:

  • The publisher, clicking his own adds.

    This is completely nonsense. It’s very easy to detect if I had been clicking my own ads by checing the source IP address and comparing it against the IP address from where I registered onto the AdSense program.

    Nonetheless, this is completely false. Maybe I clicked once or two times to see some advertising I thought could be interesting when I joined the program.

  • A publisher encouraging others to click on his ads.

    In my case, I have never encouraged anybody to click links on my site, neither relatives nor friends. Also, there is no content on my blog encouraging that kind of behavior.

    I receive a lot of spam every day, so what can stop these bots or that people from clicking on my the ads that appear on my site?

  • Automated clicking programs or any other deceptive software

    If this were the case, how can I stop those automated programs from clicking the ads?

  • A publisher altering any portion of the ad code or changing the layout, behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads for any reason.

    This is also a nonsense. Anyone can look at my blog source code and see the AdSense advertising code is intact.

Since Google decided unilaterally to cancel my AdSense account, I have also decided unilaterally to remove any ads from my blog. I guess it was an error to join AdSense in first place. Google has its own rules, and instead of asking me what’s going, they decided to cancel my account. Ok, that’s fine.

For what it’s worth, I earned a total of $32 since I joined AdSense, two months ago. I don’t think I would have become millionare with so much money.

3 thoughts on “Google's AdSense

  1. Can I urge you, Phil, to ignore all the well-intentioned mooks telling you to upgrade FF and instead listen to thebouv and me? Boot from the install disk that came with your Mac and run Apple Hardware Test. Test your video system. Test it repeatedly. Test it just after you start up and test it after your Mac’s been on for a long time. Test everything, definitely, but hammer that video system as long as you dare.

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