No Vista on Intel Macs

Who cares if Windows Vista will run on Intel Macs? Nobody, except two geeks and one journalist. Who would want to run a flawed operating system like Vista on such a well-designed hardware when there are already great operating systems like Mac OS X or Linux?

Well, Microsoft cares. I would say Microsoft doesn’t want Vista to run on Intel Macs for a reason: if Vista runs on Intel Macs, many people will start buying Apple computers. What will happen when they boot their new computer and find themselves staring at Mac OS X? Probably they will fall in love with it. Probably not. Anyways, Apple would have earned a few bucks for the hardware.

If Vista is able to run on Itanium, which uses EFI, why then Vista won’t run on Intel Macs? I guess Microsoft doesn’t like Apple’s income to raise, and thus will try to prevent Vista from running on Apple’s hardware.

Just my opinion, of course!

5 thoughts on “No Vista on Intel Macs

  1. Existe un hilo en los Foros del Tecnimap, que habla sobre este tema.
    Sería interesante que un día hablases del Tecnimap, ya que se trata de una herramienta útil de discusión con integrantes de Administraciones sobre temas de tecnología como el DNIe, software libre, la ley 11/2007, teletrabajo… etc

  2. It”s me again. I have tried all the suggestions above but the page still jumps between quotes loading. Can someone post the code here to correct this problem. Make the quote box a fixed height for a WP widget

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