Anonymous FTP server under Solaris

Setting up an anonymous FTP server under Solaris, when using the built-in in.ftpd daemon, is a little bit different than setting it up under GNU/Linux using WUftpd.

First, let’s create the ftp user and ftp group. Then, let’s create the home directory for the ftp user:

mkdir -p /export/home/ftp
groupadd -g 99 ftp
useradd -u 99 -g 99 -s /bin/false -d /export/home/ftp
chgrp ftp:ftp /export/home/ftp

If you want anonymous users to upload files under /pub, add the following line to /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess:

upload          class=anonusers /export/home/ftp /pub yes ftp ftp 0600 nodirs

Next, copy the minimal set of dynamic libraries and binaries to make possible browse and list files for anonymous users:

mkdir -p ~ftp/bin
mkdir -p ~ftp/usr/bin
ln -s ../bin ~ftp/usr/bin
cp /usr/lib/{ld,libc,libdl,libgen}.so.1 ~ftp/usr/lib
cp /bin/ls ~ftp/bin

To enable the FTP server, uncomment the following line in /etc/inetd.conf:

ftp     stream  tcp6    nowait  root    /usr/sbin/in.ftpd       in.ftpd -a

and notify the inetd daemon of the change by sending the HUP signal to it:

pkill -1 inetd

3 thoughts on “Anonymous FTP server under Solaris

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