4 thoughts on “Recuerdo vs. aprendizaje

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  2. My nightmare with Magellan began when the Meridian Gold GPS unit I purchased at Walmart on clearance in late June 2007 stopped working before the first set of Duracell Batteries that I put in the unit were even halfway discharged. I had only used the unit for less than 4 hours total since I purchased it new before it stopped working in late August 2007. Same story as I’ve read above. Sent the unit back to Fort Worth at my expense. I was told the Meridian Gold was no longer serviced and they had no parts to repair it. They first offered me a newer model if I’d send them $160 and I said no so they offered me an Explorist 500LE at no cost to me. I agreed and was told I would receive the unit within 2 weeks. Two weeks go by and I call customer service and they tell me the Explorist 500LE is out of stock. I got the same story for the first month “out of stock”. Then they promised I’d have it in 7 days starting in October ’07 and that went on for three phone calls and three weeks. In between those calls I was told the unit shipped twice but no tracking number was available due to a computer problem and again because of a new computer system problem. On 10/17/07 they told me I would receive the new unit within a week. I called today, 10/23/07 to get a tracking number and I’m told the unit hasn’t shipped yet. At the end of September I sent a letter to their corporate offices in Calif. but haven’t received a reply from them and I don’t expect to. As was said by others, the customer service agents in India are very polite but can’t get anything done. All I get is broken promises, lies, and excuses. If I ever do receive the new unit, I’m not even going to open the package. I’m putting it up for sale to the first fool that wants to buy it. Magellan customer service is nothing but a big circlejerk.

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