ZFS, GRUB boot problems and "inconsistent file system structure"

Today one of my OpenSolaris boxes could not get to the GRUB menu. Instead, I was dropped at the GRUB prompt. I tried running:

bootfs rpool/ROOT/opensolaris
kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/$ISADIR/unix -B $ZFS-BOOTFS

But this was failing with a “inconsistent file system structure” error. I searched the Internet and found ZFS rpool Upgrade and GRUB. What I did is booting from an OpenSolaris CD, then tried to import the rpool ZFS pool:

mkdir /tmp/rpool
zpool import -R /tmp/rpool rpool

But this was failed with an error message that indicated someone else might be using that ZFS pool. To force the import I used the following command instead:

zpool import -f -R /tmp/rpool rpool

This time it worked flawlessly and I could check the GRUB menu.lst file was in place and looked okay. So, before trying to rebuilt the boot archives or reinstalling GRUB, I rebooted the box. This time, the GRUB menu came up and I could boot the system. I’m not entirely sure what happened yet.

2 thoughts on “ZFS, GRUB boot problems and "inconsistent file system structure"

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