QEMU and transparency problems when using Xgl

When running QEMU 0.8.1 under Novell’s Xgl Xserver, the QEMU window black background turns transparent, which makes extremely difficult to read anything on it.

Searching on the Internet, I found a workaround which consists on launching QEMU with the XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS variable set to 1. For example:

XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 qemu -hda ...

I hope this will be fixed in a later release of either QEMU or Novell’s Xgl Xserver.

Want to change the background of the login screen?

Changing the background of the login window has never been so easy.

Look in folder “/Library/Desktop Pictures” for an item named “Aqua Blue.jpg”. This is the resource Mac OS X uses for the login background screen. By editing, or replacing this file, one can easily change the looking of the login window. However, it’s recommended to keep a copy of the old “Aqua Blue.jpg” in case one’s mind changes later.

Numeric iPod battery display

Although the little battery icon in the upper right corner of the iPod’s screen is cute, it provides only a very general idea of the iPod’s remaining battery charge. It is possible, however, to tell iPod that the battery voltage should be displayed instead.

To force the iPod to do this, create a file called _show_voltage inside the Device folder located under the iPod_Control folder. Just attach the iPod to your Mac and make sure it is mounted as a removable hard drive before running the following command:

touch /Volumes/My iPod/iPod_Control/Device/_show_voltage

Removing that file will make iPod battery charge get displayed as the little battery icon.